Gangways (Manual)
Simpson Davits produce a complete range of
fixed or folding gangways (passerelles), for boarding from quay or marina, or for use as steps or bathing ladders.
Sizes vary from 2m (6ft) to 3.5m (10’6”) in length - other sizes available to special order. They are manufactured in marine grade 316 stainless steel with teak treads or teak gratings.
They are fitted with pontoon wheels and have removable stainless steel stanchions and lifelines and come with a swivelling deck socket.
We can design and build custom gangways,
which can be used as steps or bathing ladders.
All we require are your specifications for quotation.

• 316 stainless steel frame
• Teak treads or gratings
• Fixed or folding
• 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m lengths
• Rope handrail
• Stainless steel deck socket
Gangway (manual)

Gangway Spreader Bar
Gangway (Manual) specification illustration

Length m 2 2.5 3 3.5  
Stanchions 2 3 3 3  

GAS2020 Manual Fixed 2m Teak Treads   GAS2525 Manual folding 2.5m Teak Treads
GAS2030 Manual Fixed 2m Teak Grating   GAS2535 Manual folding 2.5m Teak Grating
GAS2520 Manual Fixed 2,5m Teak Treads   GAS3025 Manual folding 3m Teak Treads
GAS2530 Manual Fixed 2.5m Teak Grating   GAS3035 Manual folding 3m Teak Grating
GAS3020 Manual Fixed 3m Teak Treads   GAS3525 Manual folding 3.5m Teak Treads
GAS3030 Manual Fixed 3m Teak Grating   GAS3525 Manual folding 3.5m Teak Grating
GAS3520 Manual Fixed 3.5m Teak Treads   GA0145 Gangway Spreader Bar
GAS3530 Manual Fixed 3.5m Teak Grating      
GAS2025 Manual folding 2m Teak Treads      
GAS2035 Manual folding 2m Teak Grating      


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